Policy against ghostwriting and guest authorship

The editorial team, concerned about the academic reliability of the journal, implements the procedures described below to exclude unethical practice in publishing research results. Should authors fail to observe them, their paper will not be published. Any signs of lack of integrity and unethical practice will be documented.
Upon acceptance for publication in Polish Hyperbaric Research, the first author is obliged to mail the editors a statement saying that all persons listed as authors of the publication took an active part in the work whose result is the publication, and qualify as copyright holders. Each of them should participate in writing the article to such an extent that they can bear public responsibility for its contents. For the authorship to be justified, it must be based on substantial input to:

  • designing and planning or analysis and interpretation of data,
  • developing the article and its critical assessment of the significant intellectual content,
  • final approval of the version to be published.

Participation consisting only of raising funds, collecting data (except for papers based only on a survey), or supervising a group of researchers does not justify authorship. The statement must also contain a record of not excluding any author from the team who has made a substantial contribution to the research. The editors may also ask to the first author to identify the author with the biggest contribution to writing the paper (the main author), indicate the percentage of other authors in the whole work, and state which author is the creator of the research concept, research methodology, result analysis, etc.
If there are team members who do not meet the conditions to be a copyright holder, they should be listed, with their consent, in the "Acknowledgments" section. Such a declaration should include the following [2]:

  • contribution to the work that deserves recognition, but does not justify inclusion in the authorship,
  • acknowledgments for technical assistance,
  • acknowledgments for financial assistance (and its type)
  • if the study was conducted on commission, then the employer’s name should be listed here.

In order to care for the transparency of funding, where the cost of publication is NOT covered by state university or institute in which the authors or one of the authors are affiliated, the editors asks the first author to send a statement specifying the exact source of funding the paper.

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